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The most important part in extending the life of your misting system is proper maintenance. Maintenance should be performed every 500 hours of use, or a minimum of one time per year for residential customers. For commercial misting systems, preventative maintenance should be performed two times per year.

Our preventative maintenance service includes:

• Oil Change
• Nozzle and filter inspections
• Checking lines for water or oil leaks
• Checking critical components such as the inlet solenoid


Pumps located outside require winterization to prevent freezing. A winterization service stops water flow to the pump and drains any remaining water from the lines, pump and filtration systems. Anti-freeze is added to the pump head to reduce the risk of damage.

Spring Start-Up

After hibernating all winter, your system will need a start-up service. A spring start-up service reconnects the water source to the pump, flushes the system and tests the system to ensure it is working properly.

At Mr. Misters, we offer customers top-of-line high-pressure commercial grade misting systems that are sure to make your backyard or patio much more enjoyable in the Arizona heat.

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