01/ Misting

Misting Systems

Mr. Misters, Inc. installs only quality high pressure misting systems offering superior longevity. Our systems are constructed from commercial grade stainless steel tubing with solutions such as powder coated stainless steel mist lines to match your home’s exterior. Unlike most misting companies we standardly use 20” spacing of our mist heads to provide a tighter curtain of mist. Our misting products represent the industry’s finest offering at the most affordable prices. Our goal is to design and install a misting system that we both can be proud of.

Cools the outdoor temperature up to
20 degrees within minutes.

Lowers dust and pollen
levels in the air


02/ Fogging

Fogging Systems

Fogging Systems are designed to accentuate your water feature by adding a unique aesthetic and cooling experience to your landscaping, fountains, pool decks, hot tubs, waterfalls, or anywhere you can imagine. Specially designed fog risers, nozzles and fittings combined with our quality 1000 PSI pumps allow management of fog density. Memory tubing inserts allow for adjustable spray for ultimate mist control in any direction.

Transform your yard into
your own tropical oasis.

Fabricated for your
specific needs.


03/ Fans

Misting Fans

High pressure misting fans provide optimal cooling for open spaces such as backyard patios or restaurant dining areas. Fans help disperse the fine mist droplets throughout a larger area without getting objects wet. Some customers also use our misting fans to humidify warehouses, cool horse/dairy barns, and lower the ambient temperature for patrons waiting in lines at theme parks.

Fans with built in misting systems.

At Mr. Misters, we offer customers top-of-line high-pressure commercial grade misting systems that are sure to make your backyard or patio much more enjoyable in the Arizona heat.

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